Digital Museums
27 January 2022

[Interview] The digital transformation and museums: new challenges, practices and uses

The digital transformation linked to the rise of the Internet and the development of new…
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21 February 2019

All you need to know before promoting your museum on the social networks

Your website is the basis of your online presence, and the showcase for your museum…
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13 December 2018

How to improve the ranking of your museum website in search engine results

Search engines have become vital for every organization or individual wishing to make themselves visible…
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23 August 2018

The indispensable steps in creating an effective website for your museum!

Search engines have become unavoidable for searching and finding information about a company. And today,…
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19 July 2018

7 effective digital tools for your museum to gain visibility

  To develop your museum business, it is essential to establish a communication strategy in…
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