Why choose a .museum gTLD?

You have decided to launch your museum activity on the web? You want to proudly display the fact that you belong to the world of art? You want to protect your brand?

Whatever your reason, making .museum an essential part of your web presence allows you to showcase your activities and join the world’s first web community for museum professionals.

A prestigious namespace

Associate your activity with a TLD suffix that uses a powerful and unambiguous term, dedicated to museum activities. This allows you to send a message to users even before they have visited your website.

A powerful image for prospects

Legitimize your activity and positioning to be more credible and easily identifiable by your audience.

Recognized expertise

Make yourself known and develop your reputation by capitalizing on your know-how and your expertise in the field.

Wide visibility

Give greater visibility to your works or patronage activities and differentiate yourself by having a museum showcase.